Casino Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Casino games that revolve mostly on luck and probability usually grant the highest payouts. What makes Sic Bo exciting is your possibility of winning frequently when you play a few rounds of the ancient Chinese game at an online casino.

Just because Sic Bo is an old game that originated in China hundreds of years ago, that shouldn’t mean its methods of getting better odds against the casino has to be ancient as well.
Listed below are all the strategies you should consider doing when you play Sic Bo for real money at an online casino.

Best Bets in Sic Bo

The best way to ensure you get more chances of winning in Sic Bo at an online casino is to place the right and smart bets as possible. The Sic Bo table has a variety of dice combinations that you can bet on. It is recommended that you choose these common bets:

Big and Small bets

Big and small bets in Sic Bo probably give the casino the lowest house edge of only 2.78% depending on the casino. You win big bets if the total number of the three dice is between eleven to seventeen. You win small bets if the total number of the three dice is between one to ten. The probability of winning big and small bets should be about 48.61% for every round.

Dice combinations

Dice combinations are bets made on the possible outcome of two of the three dice. These combination number bets are usually found on the second to the last row on the Sic Bo table layout. Examples of good dice combinations bets are:

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Odd or Even bets

You place an odd bet in hopes that the three dice will show an odd number. One, three, five, seven and nine are odd numbers. You place even bets in hopes that the three dice will show an even number. Zero, two, four, six, and eight are even numbers. Odd and even bets give the casino a house edge of 2.8% and your chances of winning is 48.6%.

Worst Bets in Sic Bo

Since the bets with the highest payouts in Sic Bo are the most rewarding, the risk that comes with them is also great. It is recommended that you avoid your chances of choosing these bets. Doing so will protect your bankroll since the chances of winning them are quite slim.

Specific Double Bets

You wager on this type of bet in hopes that the two dice will form a specific combination while the third dice shows a certain number. The payout for specific combination bets are typically 50:1. However, this type of bet gives the casino a house edge of 29.2%.

Avoid Betting Triples

You wager on specific triples in hopes that the same number will appear on all three dice. Specific triple bets have a huge payout of 180:1 and they only occur about 0.46% of the time. This type of bet gives the casino a house edge of 16.2%.

4 or 17 Bets

You wager on four or seventeen bets in hopes that the three dice will show a total of either a four or seventeen. The payout for winning four or seventeen bets is usually 60:1 and your chances of hitting the two numbers are only 1.4%. This risky bet gives the casino a house edge of 15.3%.

Now that you know the best and worst bets in Sic Bo, you can further increase your chances of winning. Minimising your losses should always be your top priority when you play casino games that rely entirely on luck and probability. There really is no specific strategy designed for Sic Bo since the outcomes are very unpredictable.

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