Arabian Football Betting Trends – Stay Current on Betting Preferences in the Middle East!

12 October، 2023

Keep abreast of the latest Arabian football betting trends with our Arabian sports betting insights. We give you crucial information about the most popular bet types with Arab bettors and list the top bookmakers for Arabian and global football competitions.

Top Football Betting Sites for Saudi Arabian Players

Saudi Arabian players betting on football should settle for nothing but the best football bookmakers. However, finding these top sports betting sites is easier said than done. Fortunately, you have us to assist you. Our experts examine a wide range of sportsbook factors, from betting markets and odds to bonuses, payment methods, and customer support. All you need to do is pick the online bookmaker that has the features and markets you require.

The Popularity of Football Betting in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

The Popularity of Football Betting in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

Globally, football (soccer) has always been the most popular sport to bet on. The same is true in Saudi Arabia. Although the region has traditionally been famous for organizing horse racing and camel racing events, football is hands down the most popular sport to watch and wager on in the Middle East. A recent survey by TGM Global showed that almost 19% of bettors in Saudi Arabia wager a few times a week, and as many as 38.18% have bet on sports games in the past 12 months.

Football fans in Arab countries are often compared to Latin American supporters, as they are more passionate than European football enthusiasts. With their die-hard football culture that involves drums, flutes, and songs on match days, Saudi Arabian fans wowed the 2022 World Cup and inspired their team to a historic 2-1 win over eventual World Cup winners Argentina. Arab football punters who took those long odds had a lot to cheer about.

So, despite popular sports such as horse racing and golf attracting a fair share of bettors, nothing really comes close to football in the Middle East. With the sport destined to become even bigger and Saudi Arabia touted to follow in Qatar’s footsteps and organize a World Cup tournament in the future, there’s no better time to join the best sports betting sites and get in on the action by betting on the myriad of football matches and markets.

Trends in Middle Eastern Football Betting

Trends in Middle Eastern Football Betting

Sports and wagering preferences change with the times. Football enthusiasts and bettors in the Middle East are no different. So, if you don’t want to miss out on what punters in Arab countries are going for, keep an eye on the latest trends. The best way not to be left behind is to find out what is popular with football betting aficionados in the Middle East and join in the fun.

Live Betting

Arab bettors love to place in-play bets on matches that have already started. The great thing about live betting is that you can watch the action and get a better idea of what will happen next. And since there is no shortage of live betting markets, punters in the Arab world can place educated bets and increase their chances of winning.

Mobile Betting

Most of the football bets in the Middle East are placed on an Android or iOS device. Mobile betting apps offer unique perks, but even when a sports betting site doesn’t have an app, you can still access it via a mobile browser. When placing a bet through mobile apps, you get a streamlined view of all football matches and markets, as well as benefit from mobile-only promos such as free bets and Refer a Friend offers.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator, parlay, or combo bets allow you to increase your potential winnings by including multiple betting selections in your bet slip. Casual and recreational Arab bettors love accumulators, as they can enjoy following several matches with a single bet. Not to mention the chance to get substantial winnings with small or moderate bet stakes.

Local Team Loyalty

Betting on foreign competitions such as the English Premier League or La Liga is popular in the Middle East. However, what is even more popular is staying loyal to the local team. Whether it is the Abu Dhabi Classico between Al Ain and Al Wahda or the Saudi Derby between Al Hilal and Al Ittihad, Arab bettors enjoy watching their domestic leagues and backing their local teams.

Special Bets

Online football betting sites frequently offer a wide variety of special bets, and bettors in the Middle East and North Africa make the most of them. Special bets allow you to bet on which players will score, whether someone will bag a hat-trick, as well as predict the number of corners and bookings. Online gambling sites also have betting market specials that combine several bet types, resulting in competitive odds and action-packed wagers.

Our Recommendations of Global Betting Platforms for Arabs

Arab bettors can choose from hundreds of online gambling sites. However, that diversity of choice doesn’t automatically mean quality for Middle East football betting enthusiasts. To get the best possible sports betting experience, we strongly recommend that you go with proven online sports betting sites, such as those we feature on our website.

Our gambling industry experts have thoroughly evaluated the sportsbooks we offer, and they have received top marks. They follow Middle East betting trends and have all the features Arab bettors need, from various betting market options to enticing bonuses and free bet promos. These sportsbooks often double as gambling sites and offer the best online casino services in the Middle East. That way, you get a one-for-all wagering shop where you can place sports bets and gamble online.

Popular Leagues in the Global Betting Markets for Arabian Football Betting Enthusiasts

Popular Leagues in the Global Betting Markets for Arabian Football Betting Enthusiasts

The global soccer betting market is quite attractive for Middle East football betting enthusiasts. Arab bettors can’t wait for the weekend to begin placing bets on popular European leagues. And once the weekend is over, the wait begins for those super-competitive Champions League and Europa League games. Fortunately for Arab bettors, the top football betting sites have all the football matches they need and a huge range of betting markets to complement that rich offer. 

English Premier League (EPL)

The English Premier League is probably the most popular international championship for Arabs. Clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea have a massive fan following in Saudi Arabia and the region, while Manchester City is owned by one of the most powerful businessmen in the Middle East, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. So, the blue half of Manchester is in the hearts of many Arab punters.

Speaking of punters, the betting options in the EPL are quite extensive. It is quite common, in fact, for EPL football events to come with over 600 or 700 different markets. And since anyone can beat anyone in England, you can capitalize on great odds when an underdog upsets a football betting site favourite.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League title is the most coveted title in club football. So, when Champions League matches are played, teams give their best and then some. Arab bettors love to watch that dedication and effort, but they enjoy placing Champions Leen more.

The most popular betting market before the Champions League kicks off is which team will win UEFA’s top competition. Once matches start, though, punters shift their attention from the outright betting markets to online betting options for individual matches. Popular CL games give you the chance to bet on hundreds of standard markets, such as match winner or over/under, but also provide you with more exotic player and match prop betting options.

FIFA World Cup

The biggest tournament in world football, the FIFA World Cup, is a celebration of diversity and football excellence. Arab bettors relish betting on FIFA World Cup matches, particularly when those matches involve Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Many punters will never forget how the Saudi Arabia national team stopped Lionel Messi and then went on to beat Argentina, a feat that will be retold for generations to come.

Before the 2022 tournament started, it was predicted that more than $35 billion would be wagered on World Cup matches. With Qatar kick-off times perfectly suited for Arab countries, it is very likely that a large portion of those bets came from sports bettors in the Middle East.

La Liga

La Liga is the Spanish top tier and one of the most competitive domestic championships in Europe. It is also a top pick for Arab bettors. With Real Madrid and Barcelona considered the two biggest clubs in world football, and teams like Atletico Madrid and Sevilla FC not far behind, it is easy to see why betting on La Liga is so exciting for punters in the Middle East. The biggest game in La Liga is El Clasico, a match in which Real Madrid and Barcelona face each other, and millions of Arab fans watch the action at home.

Middle East Betting Markets for Arabian Football Betting Enthusiasts

Middle East Betting Markets for Arabian Football Betting Enthusiasts

As Arabian football betting preferences for domestic competitions become stronger, betting on Arabian football Pro Leagues becomes more popular too. Betting companies in the sports betting industry know this and give Arab punters hundreds of betting markets to choose from. Let’s look at three of the most popular leagues in the Middle East.

UAE Pro League

The United Arab Emirates football top tier, the UAE Pro League, is a fiercely competitive championship with various local rivalries, such as the Abu Dhabi City derby between Al Jazira and Al Wahda, the Abu Dhabi Classico featuring Al Ain and Al Wahda, and the Bur Dubai derby between Al Nasr and Al Wasl. As you can imagine, betting on these matches is hugely entertaining.

When it comes to UAE Pro League championship triumphs, Al Ain is the undisputed leader with 14 Pro League titles. Shabab Al Ahli, Al Wasl, and Sharja follow, with Al Ahli being closest to upstaging Al Ain, especially considering it won the league last season.

Saudi Professional League (SPL)

The Saudi Pro League was founded in 1976 and is probably the most competitive football league in the Middle East and beyond. In fact, as more and more world-class players join football teams in the Saudi Professional League, you have to wonder whether clubs from the SPL will soon be on the same level as top European sides, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona.

The current Saudi Arabian football champion is Al-Ittihad, while the most successful club in the league is Al-Hilal, having collected 18 titles in almost half a century of competitive football in the country.

Arabian Gulf League (AGL)

The Arabian Gulf League is the name the UAE Pro League was given from the 2013–14 season until the 2020–21 season. However, the name revived the old dispute over the Persian Gulf name with Iran. Interestingly, as many Middle East football betting enthusiasts probably remember, the transfer of Javad Nekounam was blocked for that exact reason. So, the league decided to go with a more neutral choice: the UAE Pro League, starting in the 2021–22 season.

Global Betting Platforms vs Middle Eastern Betting Platforms

If you are wondering whether you should choose Middle Eastern or global betting platforms for Arabs, you are not alone. Many punters in the Middle East want to know the pros and cons of joining a specific football betting platform, and we will give you market insights to help you choose. Let’s put global and Arab platforms side-by-side and see which is better for you.

Global Betting PlatformsMiddle Eastern Betting Platforms
✅ Have a good selection of Middle Eastern betting markets✅ Fantastic range of Arabian football betting options
✅ Varied and comprehensive betting options for almost any global soccer betting market⛔️ Focusing on soccer betting markets in the Middle East
⛔️ Some won’t let you deposit and withdraw using a local payment method and currency✅ Deposits and withdrawals using popular Middle Eastern payment methods and currencies
⛔️ May not always support Arabic or other Middle Eastern languages✅ Arabic language option
⛔️ Customer support will be available in English but may not support your native language✅ You get assistance in your native tongue
✅ Have various promos, from welcome bonus offers to free bets✅ Welcome bonus, free bets and reload deposit bonuses are all available

Keep Up with Middle East Betting Trends and Join Top Football Bookmakers for Arabs!

Betting online in the Middle East is all about staying on top of the latest trends and locating the best sports betting sites. We can help you with both. We already told you about bettors’ Arabian football betting preferences. It is up to you whether you will follow what fellow punters are doing or bet online on sports betting markets that work for you. Whichever you choose, you will likely enjoy betting on your favourite football team.

However, when it comes to picking a football betting site, there should be no spur-of-the-moment decisions. Choose only tried-and-tested bookmakers approved by industry-leading experts, such as those we employ at Liban. That way, not only do you find the best sports betting sites instantly, but you are also sure they have been analysed meticulously and methodically. 

All that’s left for you to do now is open a sports betting account and make your first deposit. Betting on football in the Middle East has never been this easy!


Now that you know more about Arabian football betting trends, it is probably easier to place your next bet. However, if you still have one or two things that you are not sure about, why not check out our FAQ section? Maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Are Sports Betting Sites Legal in the Middle East?

No. Sports betting sites and online casinos are illegal in the Middle East. That means you risk being fined if you bet on sports or play casino games. However, it is important to note that Middle Eastern authorities do not regulate international online gambling sites.

Which Market Is Best for Soccer Betting?

It depends on the bettor. For some punters, betting on the match winner yields the best results. For others, the best bet is on over/under totals. You have to make your own strategy, check out the odds, and gamble responsibly.

What Are the Best Sports Betting Sites to Bet on Football Matches?

When choosing a football online betting site, always check if it has a license to operate. Also, see if it provides you with impenetrable security protocols. If the bookmaker ticks those two boxes, you can continue by analysing sports betting options, bonuses for new customers, free bets, odds, online games, etc.

What Are Trending Bets?

Trending bets are wagers that large numbers of bettors are placing on the same outcome. Usually, odds will change to reflect the increase in bets. More bets on one outcome will significantly lower the odds for that market.

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