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One of the countries that have their own casino in the world is Lebanon. Only this country in the Middle East has a land-based casino that operates legally. However, the land casino in Lebanon is strictly regulated by the country’s government.

The only land casino operating in Lebanon is ‘Casino du Liban’. This is because Casino du Liban has sole ownership of the gambling industry in the country. This means there are no other land or online casinos that are allowed to operate in Lebanon.

It would be difficult to play casino games casually in Lebanon. This is because the land casino is heavily regulated by the government. Casino du Liban is the only approved casino to operate legally in the country since they have a contract with the government.

Casino du Liban’s contract with the Lebanese government will expire in 2026. There are still a couple of years to go before the contract expires. However, the Lebanon government can’t get out of this agreement. The government would need to pay 100 million U.S. Dollars ($1,000,000) to the casino if they do not enforce the law in the country.

The contract will not allow any other casinos to run in Lebanon. International sites are also restricted in the country. This is because they are blocked. Therefore, you cannot access online casinos sites if you are in Lebanon.

The implementation of this rule is also strict. Any player from Lebanon who will be caught to violate the laws on gambling should expect punishment.

However, that still did not stop some people in Lebanon from enjoying casino games. You can still gamble at an online casino even if you are in the Middle East. You just need to take precautions upon doing so.

Gambling options at online casinos in Lebanon

There are many classic casino games that you can play at Casino du Liban. These games are:

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Casino du Liban does not have a sportsbook. The land casino in Lebanon only has a few variations of the games in their establishment. This is why online casinos in Lebanon are famous. There are many Lebanese players that rely on online casinos. Online casinos are not just more fun but they are also a lot safer.

There are many trusted online casinos that offer thousands of popular casino games. You are guaranteed to find casino games that you’ll love. You will find different types of casino games that are just a few clicks away. You can find them across different online casinos.

Betting on sports matches are also enjoyed by sports fans in Lebanon. There are different sports that are popular in the country. Here are the following sports you can bet on:

  • Motorsports
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Rugby

There are many online sports betting sites that provide odds for these sports. There are also lots of sites that offer the best odds. You can even bet on local sports leagues. Online sportsbooks make it possible for you to win alongside your favourite team or player!

How to play at online casinos in Lebanon

There are some precautions that you need to take. It is vital that you follow these security measures before you can wager at casino games or sports matches.

You cannot do direct deposit and withdrawal for online casinos in Lebanon. You could get yourself caught by the authorities for this. You certainly do not want to be punished for your reckless choice!

Use an e-wallet service instead. Choose this as your preferred payment method for online casinos. E-wallets will let you keep your betting money in a digital wallet. It is easier to deposit and withdraw money if you use e-wallet. The money you use to fund your e-wallet is the currency in your country. This is Lebanon Pound (LBP).

You also need to use a Virtual Private Network. Always use a VPN every time you access online casinos. This lets you change your real location. You can also access sites that are blocked in your country. You can play more safely if you have a VPN installed to your device.

Online casino options in Lebanon

There are many international online casinos that accept players from Lebanon.

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