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Most Islamic regions in the Middle East prohibit any form of gambling in the country. This is also the case in Bahrain. There are specific laws that restrict its residents from betting on sports or casino games. However, Bahrain has more lenient penalties for those that violate the country’s implemented anti-gambling laws.

If ever you get caught gambling, you do not have to worry that much. After all, you most likely just need to pay a fine. The penalty can range from BHD100 up to BHD300. This is approximately €230 to €700.

However, do not take it lightly. You can still receive harsher penalties if you get caught by the authorities more than once for gambling. In severe cases, you may be imprisoned if you are not careful. The fine for offenders is usually BHD500. This is approximately €1,100.

Bookmakers and staff who run casinos will have a bigger fine that they need to pay. Violators will be fined BHD1,000. This is approximately €2,300. Depending on the severity of the punishment, violators can also serve time in prison for one year. Harsher punishments than these are not enforced in Bahrain. This is why their laws on gambling are more acceptable than most Middle Eastern countries.

Gambing options at online casinos in Bahrain

Both land-based and online casinos are not allowed in Bahrain. Fortunately, players from this country can still gamble at online casinos. You can enjoy playing at online casinos even if you are from a Middle Eastern country like Bahrain.

Most Bahrain players are fond of classic casino games. This includes slots and table games like:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

There are also different sports that most residents can bet on. The sports that they enjoy most are the following:

  • Mixed Martial
  • ArtsFootball
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Formula One

You must always take various security measures when you gamble online. You still have to be cautious of your gambling activities even if the punishments are not that severe in Bahrain. You need to make sure you’ll be safe as you play at an online casino. Internet service providers in the Bahrain block online casino sites.

How to play at online casinos in Bahrain

You don’t have to worry too much when you play at an online casino if you live in Bahrain. This is because the country’s government has more lenient rules on sports and online casino betting.
However, do not be too confident. You should never attempt to access any online casino site in a public place. Make sure you are at the comfort of your own home when you gamble online.

Luckily, you can still access online casinos even if your local ISP blocks the site. You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gamble online. This will not let your local ISP or the online casino to track your real location. This will make it seem that you are from a different country and not in the Middle East. This also means that you will be able to access restricted sites easily.

Always enable your VPN every time you attempt to play at online casinos when you are in Bahrain.

Another security measure you can do is to opt for e-wallets. It would be best if you choose to use e-wallet and cryptocurrencies. These two are the best payment methods that players from the

Middle East should use for online gambling.

Both of these services will allow you to wager easily and safely. This is because your money will be kept online without a bank being involved in your online transactions. Transactions are processed faster. It should not take more than a few minutes of your time.

Real money is used to fund e-wallets. Real money is the currency that you use for your daily transactions like buying goods and services. It is also the currency that your country uses. The country of Bahrain uses Bahraini Dinar (BHD).

Another type of payment method used in online casinos is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are the digital form of money. They are cashless and have no physical form. An example of a cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the safest ways you can use to place bets on various games at online casinos. Be rest assured that your private information will be safe. You can play anonymously when you use Bitcoin at most online casino sites that accept it as a payment method.

Online casino options in Bahrain

There are many international online casinos that accept players from Bahrain.

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