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Playing online casino games and betting at sports matches is a really fun pastime. However, your enjoyment can be taken away from you if any form of gambling is not allowed by your own country’s laws. This is the case for most countries around the world. It is even harder to enjoy casino games and placing bets on sports matches especially if you are from the Middle East.

The gambling laws in the Middle East are stricter than any other region in the world. The punishments given to people who will be caught by the authorities are even more severe! In some minor cases, violators will be fined. In serious cases, a violator may be punished for a prison sentence. You can expect that the consequences of gambling in the Middle East will be more intense.

One of the countries where gambling laws are less strict is the U.S. It has the highest number of land-based and online casinos that operate in the whole world. In 2017 alone, there was a reported number of 460 commercial casinos in the country. That’s certainly a lot of casinos!

The kind of treatment that the U.S. has on gambling is not as harsh compared to most countries. Most countries prohibit playing at land or online casinos. Similarly, this is how it is like in Japan where there are no land casinos in their country at all. Moreover, playing online casino games is also not allowed by the Japanese government.

There is a grey area around their laws on gambling. Wagering your bets at online sportsbooks and casinos is actually possible even for gamblers residing in Japan. To place bets on matches at online sportsbooks and online casinos, the online service has to be legally operated and licensed outside the country.

This is how most people in various countries work around the laws on gambling. It is not uncommon for gambling to be restricted by some countries. This is exactly why most online casinos operate outside the country of their target audience.

Gambling may be heavily frowned upon by the binding laws of your country. However, you can still play at online casinos. There are many online sports betting sites and casinos available to your location even if you are an Arab player.

Most online casinos should have these following fun-filled games you can play for free or for real money at their sites:

Slots → Slot games are one of the most common casino games worldwide. You’ll find slots at both land-based and online casinos. This classic casino game is enjoyed by millions of people from different parts of the world because it is incredibly easy to play! All you need is to click a button to start a slot game at an online casino. You’ll only have to wait a few seconds to determine if you won prize money. Cashing out your winnings can be quick as well depending on the slot you’re playing at the casino’s site.

Table Games → What’s a gambler’s life like without the thrill brought by casino table games? There are plenty of various table games you can play at online casinos. Some of the most popular table games that millions of people adore are:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette.

Live Dealer games → The live dealer games are one of the newest types of online casinos that you can enjoy. Live dealer games give you the surreal experience as if you are playing at a land-based casino at the comfort and safety of your own home. You can play with a professional dealer within just a few clicks away.

Additionally, there is also a streaming service that you can watch featuring a live dealer. The casino staff will interact with you in real time as you play. You are sure to have a great time and enjoy a different gaming experience with live dealer games.

You are likely to find over thousands of game variants of casino table games across online casinos. The good thing about playing at an online casino is that most of the popular games available are not difficult to play. This is because the rules are usually quite simple and easy to follow even for beginners.

The best part? You’ll never be bored because of the wide choices of games you can choose from at online casinos!

There are usually only a few rules for some of the games that you need to know. It should only take a few minutes or seconds of your time to win or lose once you start to play the game. Most online casinos in the Middle East also offer a wide array of table game variations that Arab players can select.

How to Play Safely at Online Casinos in the Middle East

There are extra precautions that players from the Middle East must do for a safer and worry-free gambling experience. Online casinos will ensure your fun, but only you can guarantee your overall safety when you gamble online in the Middle East where gambling is not legal.

Here are the important steps you should do to gamble safely in the Middle East:

Use a VPN → One of the things that every Arab player must have is a Virtual Private Network. Having a VPN installed to your device will allow you to change the location of where you are playing in. You can select to set it up in a different country of your choice. This means that the data sent to online casinos is that you are not in the Middle East but in a different country instead.

Additionally, having a VPN installed to your device can protect your browsing activity from a public network. Your location cannot be tracked by the online casino or the local internet service provider of your country. The VPN will also let you access restricted websites like online casinos in the Middle East. This will really make your gambling experience a lot safer.

Play Privately → You must always access online casino sites privately. Never access an online casino site in a public area where other people can see you! You have to be smart about where you are when you place your bets. The safest way you can bet and play at online casinos is at the comfort of your own home where you feel the most safe.

Use an E-Wallet → Wagering online can be difficult if you use your debit/credit card. This is because a bank is usually associated when you make transactions online. Playing is way harder at online casinos if you are in the Middle East. This is why you need to use an e-wallet to make your gambling experience easier, faster, and safer.

An e-wallet will let you keep your money in a digital wallet service. There are various e-wallet services you can use when you play at online casinos in the Middle East. Some of the best e-wallets you can opt for are Neteller, Skrill, and AstroPay.

Use a Crypto Wallet → You can use crypto wallets for a more private and safer gameplay. This is because you are paying using cryptocurrency. Online casinos in the Middle East will not receive your personal information when you use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin as your payment method.

The only thing that the casinos will get is your public key. A private key and a private key are one of the two security features implemented in cryptocurrencies.

A public key is used to encode the data that the casino wants to send using your own code. You can use your private key to decode the data. Most cryptocurrencies work with a peer-to-peer network.

Thanks to crypto wallets, online transactions are more direct. You can be rest assured that none of your personal information would be put at risk.

Countries in the Middle East

The countries in the Middle East have different gambling laws. Some of these countries have a less strict view on gambling itself. Other countries that restrict gambling have harsher punishments if violators are caught.

Here are gambling laws in some of the countries in the Middle East:

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the strictest laws against gambling at online casinos. Saudi is one of the countries in the world that enforces its gambling laws seriously. You can expect a severe punishment if you ever get suspected of gambling.

This does not mean you can no longer play at online casinos in the Middle East. You must always use VPN to play safely at online casinos.


If you want to bet at online casinos in the Middle East and you live in Kuwait, this is more possible. Kuwait has more lenient laws on gambling. The penalties are still harsh if you are caught gambling online. You have to follow the suggested steps to be safe when you bet on the games you want at an online casino.


Similar to most Middle Eastern countries, wagering at online casinos in Bahrain is not allowed. You can still play at online casinos that are licensed outside the country. You just need to make sure you are careful as you play.

One of the most famous sports in Bahrain is the Formula One Grand Prix. You can check online casinos in the Middle East that are licensed in Western countries to be safe.


There are many online casinos you can access even if you live in Iran. This is because the country does not have specific laws that limit its residents from playing at online casinos. There are actually a lot of online casinos in the Middle East that specifically target Iranian players.

You can easily choose the website you want to play on. You still need to take various security measures to ensure your safety. The laws on gambling in Iran may be more lenient. However, that doesn’t mean you should be careless already. Install VPN to hide your location. This is important if you live in the Middle East.


One of the most difficult countries in the Middle East to gamble in is Lebanon. There is only one land casino that operates in the country. This is Liban Casino. The place has a contract with the government. This contract restricts all other casinos including online casinos to operate in Lebanon.

You can still find online casinos that accept Lebanese players. Make sure you take extra security measures before you sign up and play at an online casino of your choice.

It may be hard to play at online casinos if you are from the Middle East. Don’t worry, it is still possible. There are many online casinos that accept players from these selected Middle Eastern countries. Make sure you use a variety of security measures like VPN. Use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as your payment method for online casinos.

It will also be a good thing if you don’t tell anyone about your gambling hobby. If you are not careful enough, you could be reported to the authorities. This could get you in big trouble. The most unfortunate thing that you don’t want to happen to you is to get imprisoned for simply playing casino games out of fun!

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