Top 5 Online Progressive Video Slots

Slot games are undoubtedly one of the most popular games found in both traditional casinos and online casinos. This is because of their simple gameplay you can enjoy with great ease.
Slots do not require any mental effort since you do not need to memorise or review any rules when you play.

Some of the things that players adore about video slots are their fun graphics, creative animations, and wide array of themes they can choose from. With the help of computer animation techniques, slots can be a real attraction not just to your eyes but also to your overall experience!

The most anticipated thing about progressive video slots is the massive cash rewards above all!
Jackpots are basically made up of all accumulated bets of all players, so the more you play, the bigger the rewards will be.

Another cool feature of slots is their small wagers. They are often called lucky games because they rely a lot on luck and probability. There really is no tangible interference for you to change or guess the outcome of the game. Even with progressive slots being a one time hit towards becoming a millionaire, there are still plenty of players worldwide that wager on them.

To get you started, below is a list of the top five progressive video slot games that you definitely should not miss out on:

Lara Croft Temples and Tombs Video Slot

Continue Lara Croft’s legacy as you explore the remains of Ancient Egyptian temple ruins in Lara Croft Temples and Tombs. This progressive video slot is developed by Microgaming and licenced by Square Enix for trademark use. Inspired by the classic Tomb Raider video game franchise, courageously explore the hazardous grounds of the great desert as you take on dangerous booby traps as Lara Croft!

The adventure-themed slot is abundant with promising grand rewards waiting to be unveiled by the player. Dare to face Underworld Egyptian gods and be rewarded richly, for there are 243 fun ways to win! It features five cascading reels and has over 200 paylines. Play and you can earn about $17 for minor wins and $119 for major wins in just a few seconds. At the bottom of the screen is the multiplier scale where you can win up to five times your stake. Check the paytable to know how much your potential wins are.

Backdrop lies against the facade of a temple ruin where the treasure lies through the other side of the Egyptian scripture-engraved door. Get as many winning patterns possible as possible to gain coins at each spin made.

Fill the gold pot with enough gold coins and trigger the rotating Scarabs disc for more coin rewards as a bonus. This includes eight free spins!

Mega Moolah

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is proud to boast that it is the only slot that offers the biggest progressive jackpot in the whole world. This is because it gave out a massive $21.7 million to one lucky player who was only on a 2.75د.إ bet! The four-reel slot game has already turned countless millionaires over the years. This is probably the reason why it has got thousands of gamblers from different parts of the world so hooked.

The current jackpot is already on its way to beat this record. Mega Moolah brings players to the wonderful African savannah as they uncover the rewards brought by the animals found in this beautiful continent.

The reels are set against a backdrop of a dusky sunset as you gain a view of the horizon. Be amazed as you lay sight on some of the cutest animals like the zebra and giraffe. Anticipate the elusive and mighty lion that acts as the wild symbol in the game. Catch it to earn bigger rewards that will surprise you more than the lion’s roar can! The higher you wager, the higher your chance of winning will be!

Mega Fortune

The value of the progressive jackpot game called Mega Fortune is currently at $1.7 million. You can expect it to reach several million dollars more. If players want something to look forward to, then this is it!

Imagine the prizes that mega fortunes behold. Think of owning a huge stash of cash. This time, think a little more out of the box. What if there were no restrictions on what you could spend your money on? Luxury getaways, a wardrobe of designer clothing, exquisite vehicles, beautiful mansions—the possibilities can be endless. It is free to dream after all, but what if it doesn’t have to stay that way? Thanks to NetEnt, you could get a few inches closer to becoming an instant mega millionaire.

The biggest win ever recorded on the game was a jaw-dropping €17 million. Mega Fortune is created by a Swedish software and game developer called NetEnt. This progressive slot game features five reels and 25 paylines. The game has a wheel-style bonus round called ‘The Big One’. Players would need three or more bonus symbols to activate this feature. This game covers three concentric wheels of fortune-type reels.

Arabian Nights

To activate the Big One you must bet the maximum amount. Arabian Nights has 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. The most important symbol in the game is the Arabic man. If you hit five of a kind you will win the jackpot. The slot also gives 15 free spins and they are triggered by getting three or more bag scatters.

This slot will take you ten centuries back to a faraway place where the caravan camels roam. Hop onto a magic carpet and fly to the wonders of Arabian Nights! Arabian Nights is one of the three most popular progressive jackpot slots created by NetEnt. Its value is currently at $2 million. The game’s jackpot seeds were estimated at €125,000 and the biggest win ever triggered was $3 million!

Jackpot Giant

Jackpot Giant is a five-reel progressive slot that has fifty pay lines. The enticing game introduces a friendly giant who lives in the Stone Age. He is seen to spend his free time tossing coins into volcanoes. The big creature will help you discover volcanoes that brew lava, but also erupt treasures! The slot game features a Giant Bonus. This is where players get to pick from six volcanoes and collect the cash prizes. Giant Jackpot is what you should aim for because it could turn into an instant millionaire.

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