What are Casino Lottery Games

If you haven’t gotten enough out of your usual casino game, why not step up your casino experience to the ultimate level? You can do so by testing your luck in playing lottery games. Lottery games can grant you huge winnings up to a million dollars! Big winnings may require bigger risks but don’t let that take away your interest from trying lottery games.

Thanks to online casinos, players from different parts of the world now have the chance to become instant millionaires. Players from Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt can enjoy safe and secure gambling.

Casino lottery games offer big profits and prizes unimaginable. The prizes for some lottery games can be worth tens and hundreds, and even millions of dollars! The most exciting part? You can win as much as that with just a few clicks of your fingers at the comfort and security of your home. With online lotteries, Arab gamblers no longer need to buy tickets from newsagents, shops or gas stations.

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Types of lottery games at online casinos

Casino Progressive Slots

Progressive slots found across online casinos are games that have the biggest payout. Progressive slots have jackpot prizes that significantly increase over time until a lucky player bags the massive cash money.

You can know if you are playing a progressive slot when the Return to Player or RTP percentage is high. The higher the RTP percentage of the casino slot is, the more generous the prize will be. An example of a progressive slot game that is popular with about a 90% RTP is Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah is a progressive slot game developed by Microgaming. The most historical jackpot win made in Mega Moolah was worth £13.2 million that was won by a gambler in just under 25 minutes in 2015.

The winnings you can make out of Mega Moolah when you play the game for real money are:

Casino Keno

Keno is like a lottery game wherein you choose any numbers that you like in hopes that they get chosen. Classic keno number choices typically range from one to 80 depending on the game variant. You start by picking up to 10 numbers. There are some keno games on online casinos that will allow you to choose up to 20 numbers all at once. You can even select your own numbers or let the game automatically pick them for you by enabling auto-play for most Keno games, just like the lottery.

The more numbers you pick are matched, the bigger your payout will be. However, the payout will depend on how much you have initially wagered per number.

Keno is one of the fastest-paced lottery games available found at online casinos. You can expect to play Keno for hours with just 183.65د.إ or less depending on how you plan to manage your bankroll.

If you are lucky enough with your numbers, you can have the chance to win over 36, 729.90د.إ to 367, 299د.إ just for a 3.67د.إ bet depending on the online casino where you will play Keno.

Casino Bingo

There are different variants of Bingo games you can find on online casinos, so you can expect their rules will vary as well. When you play Bingo for real money at an online casino, there are three possible ways to win a huge amount of money in a 90-Ball Bingo game variant: when you hit a full horizontal line of numbers, when you hit two full horizontal lines of numbers, and when you hit all ten numbers.

There are many licensed online casinos that accept Arab players. All you would need to do is make sure you use a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. Enabling a VPN will allow you to change the location of where you are when you gamble at an online casino. You can choose to set it up in a different country of your choice. This means the data sent to online casinos will not reveal the information that you are in the Middle East.

With the help of a VPN, the online casino will track your location but in a different country that you selected. Online casinos let players from the Middle East gamble at ease without worries. That is, of course, if you decide to play anonymously at the online casino.

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