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Just like the standard casino slots, slot tournaments are popular as well. You may be even surprised to know that there’s a tournament held for slots for both land-based and online casinos.

Slots tournaments were originally held at online casinos around the world. They are more famous in Las Vegas in the U.S. Slot tournaments became popular because they are easy to play. Even beginners can enjoy casino slots.

If you want to level up your average casino slots experience, why not join in a tournament? It can add up to your excitement meter. Slots tournaments typically have an entry fee. You need to fulfil this before you could participate in one. There are also some slots tournaments you can play for free at some online casinos.

What are casino slots tournaments?

Online slots tournaments are real multiplayer competitions. Players from different locations can join by paying an entry fee called a buy-in. A buy-in is all you’ll need to take part in a casino slots tournament. Casinos typically don’t allow participants of a slots tournament to use their own money during the game.

The casino will give you credits that you will use in the competition once you pay your entry fee. The number of credits will be the same for every player. These buy-in credits cannot be increased at any point of the tournament once it begins.

The differences between standard online slots and slots tournaments at online casinos

You compete against other players in online slots tournaments. At the end of it, the player who has accumulated the most winnings will receive the grand prize. Awesome rewards await the winners.

The entry fee for online casino slots tournaments are usually inexpensive. The entry slot for the competition is typically 36.37د.إ . The fee will depend on the online casino. The buy-in may be small but some slots tournaments can have thousands of dollars in prizes.

Some slots tournaments have a small entry fee of only 3.67د.إ. The tournament can give you long hours of very fun slot play. There are even slots tournaments where you can play almost for free!

Another feature of slots tournaments have is their live chat. This will allow you to chat with other players at real-time. Top players who win in tournaments typically get their names featured in the online casino’s leaderboards.

Types of casino slots tournaments

You should know the different types of casino slots tournaments before you explore the world of slots tournaments at online casinos. These are:

Sign-up Freeroll

A sign-up freeroll is a light competition. This can be a good way to get used to an online casino that might be just new to you. A sign-up freeroll is usually given by some casinos. This is made possible because of the welcome bonuses given to new players.

Scheduled Tournaments

You are most likely to encounter tournament schedules. These are usually posted across online casino sites. Scheduled slots tournaments are advertised in advance. This means you need to register before the competitions begin. You may need to pay a buy-in fee if the tournament requires it.

Sit and Go Tournament

Sit and go tournaments are open-seat tournaments. These are more common at land casinos. There are only a limited number of participants who can join, The players need to sign in to take part in the tournament. As soon as all the seats are taken, the tournament will begin immediately.

Comped Tournaments

Comp points are loyalty rewards. Most online casinos give you complimentary points for playing games with real money at their site. Comped tournaments for slots are equivalent to the VIP events for loyal customers of an online casino that offers a VIP programme.

Reloader Tournaments

Reloder tournaments are similar to ‘re-buys’ in poker competitions. The buy-in allows you a specific time for play. You can rebuy for an additional fee and start over if you bust out. Reloader tournaments are commonly featured in Microgaming slots.

Extender Tournaments

Extender Tournaments give you the chance to buy add-ons. The add-ons can boost your final score. Most slots tournament players choose to use this option if they want to increase their odds of winning in the competition.

Survivor Slots Tournaments

This type of tournament is one of the most competitive formats. This is because survivor slots tournaments have an elimination phase. There will be different rounds. Only the winner from each stage may advance to the next level to compete. Successful players will play against the rest of the winners. Rebuying or adding on in a survivor slots tournament is not allowed.

One-shot Tournaments

One-shot tournaments introduce a single-elimination phase. You get a single shot to qualify for the next stage. There will be no rebuys, no add-ons, and no mercy!

How to play casino slots tournaments

Here’s how you try for a slots tournaments at an online casino:

  • Visit your trusted online casino that has slots tournaments
  • Check the casino’s schedule for slots tournaments
  • Register for your chosen schedule to participate

Once the competition starts, you need to be ready to do a lot of fast clicking! The goal of slots tournaments is to try to get as many spins as you can, without missing any chances. Accumulate as many points as possible before the time is up.

Once the time is up, the player with the highest number of credits in his account will be declared the winner. The prizes vary depending on the tournament. Some online casinos will even give away bonuses to players as consolation prizes.

Casino slots rules

Slots tournaments run for a predetermined time and can even last up to two days! Some online casinos will not allow players to use ‘autoplay’ or the ‘turbo’ features of the slots. Online casinos typically implement rules for tournaments to ensure fair play among all players.

The best feature that slots tournaments have is that you can play in one even if your bankroll is empty. Slots tournaments can be a great way to win cash. This is because it gets exciting every passing second! Head to your trusted online casino and join in a slots tournament today and spin away — but score and spin higher, further, faster!

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