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At land casinos, a roulette table with a rotating wheel and chips are used in a traditional game of roulette. At online casinos, all that you would need to enjoy roulette is your trusty gadget devices. You will need a dose of luck on your side as well.

You can choose to play roulette games at an online casino any way you want. You can even play roulette on online casinos using real money. There are over a thousand roulette games on online casinos. You even play actual roulette with a live dealer.

History of Roulette

Roulette is by far the oldest casino game that has ever existed. Modern roulette was only introduced to the world in the 18th century thanks to a Frenchman and famous mathematician named Blaise Pascal. Even royal personalities like the kings and queens of France loved to play a game of roulette back in the day. From there on, it didn’t take long before people from around the world realised how enjoyable the casino game roulette can be.

Casino Roulette variants:

Most online casinos offer many variants of Roulette. Here are the different variants of roulette that you will find at online casinos:

European Roulette

European roulette is the most popular variant of roulette. It has 37 numbers including a single zero which you could bet on. European Roulette is believed to give the casino a total of 2.7% house edge. Don’t let the percentage number shock you. This is considered only a small house edge when compared to the other variants of the game.

French Roulette

It is said that the French roulette is the queen of all roulettes. This is because the French roulette is the earliest version of all the roulette variants which we play at present. Notice that a French roulette table looks different as well. It’s not just the language that’s different, but also the placing of the betting field varies. This variant of roulette has a special rule which pays the players half of the even-money bets that lose on the number zero. This means that the casino’s house edge is reduced to 1.35%.

American Roulette

The American Roulette has two zeros instead of just one. This further increases the casino’s house advantage of 5.26%. This variant of roulette table is common in America, especially at land casinos.

Rules of Roulette

  • Players must place their bets at the start of the game. Players can choose to bet on odd or even numbers ranging from 0 to 36 for French and European Roulette, or 0 and 00 to 37 for
  • American Roulette. These numbers are placed inside grids, in either red or black colours.
  • The roulette has a betting layout. This means that players can only put their chips on specific places. The payout ratio is different depending on where the player places his chips.
  • Players need to place all of their bets until the dealer announces that no more additional bets can be made.
  • The dealer then spins the wheel, and players wait for the silver ball to land. Hopefully, on the same number or colour they wagered on.

Playing roulette at online casinos

In today’s digital era, software developers continue to provide us with classic casino table games which we can enjoy even at home. You will be surprised how many casino games are being produced by game developers each year. The best part about playing a game of casino roulette online is that you don’t have to worry about much. Most online casinos are guaranteed safe, as long as you follow your country’s laws and regulations on online gambling.

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