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This simplified guide will give you what you need to know about some advanced strategies used in Blackjack. You can increase your chances of winning if you apply the strategies correctly. Additionally, you also get to improve your skill set when you play Blackjack.

Mastering the casino table card game Blackjack is not an overnight task. To become an expert at Blackjack, you must already know the basic rules of the game before you move on to the next level.

Here are comparisons of a basic from an advanced Blackjack strategy:

Basic Blackjack Strategy  Advanced Blackjack Strategy 
For beginners For seasoned players who want thrill and more chances of winning 
Contains the rules of Blackjack  Contains strategies for different hand situations
Easy to learn  More complicated to learn 
Does not urge players to place insurance bets  Considers when it will be worthy to make insurance bets 

Place an insurance bet when the time is right

Never place an insurance bet if the dealer’s faced-up card is an Ace or a ten. If you do, that would probably be one of the riskiest decisions any Blackjack player could ever make when placing an insurance bet.

Have one or more betting systems

Advanced Blackjack players use betting systems as a method of using their bankroll in a strategic way. Usually in an attempt to make a profit. Depending on your chosen betting system, you may be required to either increase or lower your bets each time you lose or win. Such will depend on whether you decide to use a negative or a positive betting system. Following this method can be a great way to help you protect your profits and minimise your losses.

  • The two main types of betting systems are negative progressive and positive progressive betting systems. You can apply these to most online casino games.
Negative Progressive Betting System  Positive Progressive Betting System 
Increases stakes if you lost in your previous bet. Increase stakes if you won your previous bet.
Decrease stakes when you win. Decrease stakes when you lose.

Counting Methods

Blackjack uses a counting system based on mathematical possibilities. The counting methods aim to tell if the cards left in the deck are high or low that involves keeping a running count on all the cards drawn and distributed by the dealer. It can determine if the next hand of cards in Blackjack are going to be of high value or not.

  • You can have an advantage of 0.5% to 1% over casinos when you count your cards.
  • You need to have enough in your bankroll to use a card counting strategy.


The Hi-Lo Counting method in Blackjack works by using a plus/minus system. This
counting method is used when you want to keep track of the high cards left in the deck.

Two, three, four, five, and six  Count +1
Seven, eight, and nine  Count 0 
Ten, King, Queen, Jack and Ace   Count -1 

The Zen Count system in Blackjack works when you want to have an equal number of positive and negative points in a deck of cards. You’ll need to count your deck correctly, and if you do, you should get a total of zero when you reach the end.

KO (Knockout) Counts

The Knock Out Counting system in Blackjack works in the same way as the Hi-Lo counting system does. However, in the KO Counting system in Blackjack, all card values are the same except for the value of the seven card.

Red Seven Count

The Seven Counting system in Blackjack works by running a count that can tell you if the deck is in your favour. If so, then you can place more bets when you play Blackjack at an online casino. This method indicates when you should lower or raise your bets.

The True Count

Consider counting the remaining cards in the deck. The closer you get to the bottom of the card pile, the more correct your count will be. To convert your running count into a true count, you need to divide your running number to estimate how many cards are left in the deck. If your running count is a positive four, and you estimate the remaining decks in the deck to be two, your true count should be +4 / 2 = +2.

If your count ends up in a positive result, you can make a good chance of making a profit by increasing your bet amount. With the true count system, you get to estimate how favourable or unfavourable the deck is.

The Rule of 45

The rule of 45 can be applied if your hand is worth sixteen but it should be made up of a hand that has either a four or a five in it. For example, if your hand has both and it is made up of a four, five, and a seven, and you’re up against a ten, you should choose to stand.

Take advantage low cards

If you are dealt a hand that has two low cards, and the dealer’s faced-up card is also low, this usually means that there may be high cards in the deck. Your odds of being dealt a high card might be better than the usual.

Split 10s when you have five or six

If you choose to stand with your cards worth twenty against a dealer’s card of either five or six, the odds of you winning is about 84% and 85%. It is always recommended that you choose to split when you are dealt by this. This is because the dealer has a high chance of busting if it so happens that there are more high cards in the deck.

There may be a handful of strategies used in Blackjack, and each of them has their rules. You can use them to your advantage to have more chances of increased winnings at almost any online casino. To start with, each decision you make in Blackjack has an average win or a loss intact with it. No casino strategy is perfect, and you don’t have to pressure yourself into absorbing all these strategies.

Regardless of the level of the strategy, you don’t necessarily have to use any of these methods to win in Blackjack. Taking Blackjack to a next level isn’t bad either, for doing so can really improve your skills over time, plus the added thrill!

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