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Choosing the right payment method is a crucial part when you plan to play at online casinos with real money. It would even be harder for you to decide if you are a Middle Eastern player. This is because most countries in the Middle East have strict gambling laws.

There are many precautions that players from the Middle East must consider. One of these is the type of payment method you can use for all their transactions in online casinos.

MasterCard is one of the most famous payment methods. It is utilised by millions of people around the world. However, it should only be used for your online transactions for wagering if the gamblings laws in your country are lenient.

Here is all you need to know about MasterCard:

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is a major credit card brand. It is used to make payments for both online and offline transactions. You can use this on countless websites and at millions of stores around the world. This is because the brand is widely accepted in more than 210 countries. It is also used by more than 25 million international companies. Additionally, MasterCard can be used globally to receive and send money to banks or ATMs.

MasterCard is typically linked to your local or international bank account. You can find the brand’s logo printed on the physical debit or credit card that you own. You can spot this either on the front or on the back of your card.

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How to apply for a MasterCard in the Middle East?

You can own MasterCard in two ways. It can be a credit or debit card. You can apply for one by inquiring about it at your local bank. This is also available in selected countries in the Middle East. Most banks around the world should offer it. Many other organisations can offer it as well. This includes large retail shops or chain stores are also licensed to issue the card. This is possible if they are linked to the MasterCard company.

Various e-wallets and prepaid cards are also allowed to issue MasterCard to their customers. This can either be a virtual or a physical ‘plastic’ card. However, e-wallets have no physical form. It will only allow you to store your money in a digital wallet instead. This also lets you make payments and withdrawals. You can use the worldwide MasterCard platform to load your e-wallet account with funds.

Follow these steps for online casino MasterCard

Some online casinos may require you to provide them with your identification details. This is a necessary step that selected online casinos will ask you before you could make a deposit or a withdrawal. This procedure is usually done when you register a player account at the site.

You may be asked to provide the online casino with your ID cards or passport to verify your account. This is sometimes necessary for you to do but only if the casino requires it.

Many online casinos accept MasterCard. This is because it is one of the most widely used payment methods around the world. Deposits and withdrawals made in an online casino using this as a payment option are simple. You just need to check the requirements for MasterCard payments set by the online casino first.

Here is how you can use your MasterCard in an online casino that accepts it:

  • Find the ‘Cashier’, ‘Cart’, or the ‘Deposit +’ button on the homepage of the online casino. This is usually found at the top right part of the site’s page. Click it to make your deposit.
  • Select your money currency. There aren’t many online casinos that accept Dirham د.إ. Check if the online casino accepts your preferred currency. Since Middle Eastern countries do not allow any form of gambling, it would be best if you don’t use AED or other Middle Eastern currencies. These are:
    • BHD
    • EGP
    • IRR
    • JOD
    • KWD
    • LBP
    • OMR
    • SAR
    • MAD
    • TND
    • DZD
    • LYD
  • Use other currencies like USD, EUR or GBP instead. The available currency that you can choose from will depend on the online casino.
  • Input your desired amount of the deposit you want to make. The online casino should inform you about the minimum amount for real money deposits. It would be best if you check out the deposit requirements of the bonuses. These are offered by the online casino. The most rewarding bonus offered by most online casinos is the Welcome Bonus. You can find out more about this by checking out your account page.
  • Select ‘MasterCard’ as your payment option.
  • Type your sixteen-digit MasterCard card number and your name. You should input your name in the field exactly as it is written or spelt on your physical card. Type the expiry date of the card. This is usually found under your name on the card.
  • Fill in the three-digit Card Verification Value. The CVV safety code is printed on the back of the card. This is the three numbers next to your signature located on the back of your card.Double-check if the payment details are correct. Confirm your payment.
  • The deposited amount will become visible on your casino account.
  • Your account is now set. You can use your funds to place bets on casino games and sports matches.

It is convenient to use MasterCard as a payment method in online casinos. You just need to be aware of the fees. The deduction fee that is charged to make a payment with your MasterCard depends on the online casino you will deposit in.

If the payment is not free of charge, you should expect a deduction fee. This is to range between 2% and 3%. This is paid on top of the amount you deposited. Some online casinos do not require a fee for your transactions. This is only possible if the amount you intend to deposit exceeds a certain value. Check the online casino’s terms and conditions for MasterCard to know more about this.

The bank where your MasterCard is linked to can also affect your transactions. This is especially the case for players from the Middle East. There are many countries in the Middle East where gambling is illegal. The online casino or the bank can block your card. It can detect where you place wagers from. You have to be aware of the gambling laws that your country has before you make transactions.

How to withdraw your winnings from an online casino with MasterCard

You can withdraw your winnings from online casinos with your MasterCard. It is done the same way you make deposits. To claim money from your casino account, you need to fill in the following details:

  • your credit card number
  • your name written on the card
  • the three-digit CVV/CVC number on the back of your card
    the expiry date of the card

It will take up to one to five banking days before the withdrawn money becomes visible on your MasterCard balance.

Not all online casinos will let you withdraw your money using MasterCard. This is because it has recently adopted a certain policy. This suggests that withdrawing your funds using MasterCard will only be possible if:

  • Use the same MasterCard that you first used to deposit in the online casino with.
  • The local bank that your card is linked to is not blocked by the online casino. This commonly happens to players who live in countries where gambling is banned. The security and blocking protocols to track gambling and other suspicious activities in the Middle East are more intense. This means that the authorities can track your online gambling activity as you input your card details. You can also be tracked at the very moment you access an online casino site. This is bound to happen if you do not have a Virtual Private Network installed to your device.

It will take some time before the withdrawal can be processed. The duration of how fast you can receive your money transfers depends on the online casino. This also includes the policies of the bank where your card is linked to.

Advantages of using MasterCard in online casinos

The advantages of using a MasterCard debit/credit card as a payment method for your online casino account are:

  • It will be easy to place payments like deposits. The deposit procedure should only take a few minutes.
  • It will be quicker to upload funds to your casino player account. This means the money will reflect on your online casino account once you confirm your deposit.
  • You can still deposit without actually having the money in your bank account. It can serve as a ‘credit’ or a ‘loan’ you can make from the local bank where your card is linked to.
  • You can also choose how you prefer to repay your credit. This can either be by a monthly redemption or spread over. This will depend on the policies of the bank. Be sure you meet the requirements when you use a credit card to fund your online casino account.

MasterCard is one of the most widely used payment options. This is because it is accepted for both online and offline transactions.

Disadvantages of using MasterCard in online casino

There are certain disadvantages when you use MasterCard as your preferred payment option for online casinos. The gambling laws in the Middle East are stricter than any other part of the world.

You should always be cautious when you play at online casinos in the Middle East. MasterCard is not really the best recommendation for Middle Eastern players. This is because the internet blocking protocols in Middle Eastern countries where gambling is illegal are more intense and thorough.

This means that you put yourself at risk with any personal information you will provide the online casino.

The risk of getting caught by the authorities is even higher when you input your MasterCard details in an online casino. The authorities are more tenacious when Middle Eastern players access online casinos that accept and use Dirham currency for real money deposits.

Here are other disadvantages of using MasterCard for your deposit and withdrawal transactions.

  • You should consider these factors first:
    There is a security issue when you use a MasterCard for online casino payments. This is because every deposit requires sensitive information. This includes your personal and identification records.
  • Your credit or debit card information can be stolen by hackers. This will only happen if the online casino is not reputable or legitimate. You can tell if the online casino is trusted if it has strong SSL encryption. There should be a padlock icon next to the URL of the site. This is the easiest way to know if the casino can be trusted or not. An online casino with a strong security feature will keep hackers away. This means your card and personal details cannot be accessed by other people.
  • There are also risks involved when you choose a credit card to fund your online casino account. This is because you can loan a certain amount from the bank. You can be tempted to go beyond your bankroll limit because of the amount of money you will borrow from the bank. This means you are likely to surpass your budget easily if you are not cautious.
  • Banks are necessary when you apply for a MasterCard debit/credit card. You should expect some fees that will top every deposit or withdrawal you make. Not all casinos require deduction fees. You need to check the terms and conditions that the online casino has set for MasterCard.

Where to pay with MasterCard?

MasterCard is one of the most widely used payment methods for most online casinos. However, there are still factors that players must consider first. Every Middle Eastern player like you should protect your identity every time you play at online casinos.

However, MasterCard has lost a bit of ground these days. Other popular casino payment methods like e-wallets and cryptocurrency are now more trusted than ever.

These new online payment options are utilised across online casinos for many reasons. One of these benefits is that they will let you place casino deposits that are not only safer but more secure as well. Advantages and convenience are also enjoyed by players. These include easiness, instant availability and wide acceptance no matter where you are!

Most online casinos still accept MasterCard as a payment option. You can still make deposits and withdrawals with it. Check out some of the online casinos that accept MasterCard by looking at the reviews that lib has in store for you.

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