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Action – An action is the accumulated amount of money that you have to wager in a slot game.


Bonus Features – Bonus features are game features that can grant you large cash prizes through mini-games and features in the base game


Classic Slot – Also called a 3-reel slot. Usually this type of slot features fruits, bells, horseshoe, and bars for symbols.

Coin Size – The fixed amount of wager a player must bet to access a slot game. The amount of wager depends on the type of slot game.


Five-Reel Slot – A five-reel slot that features two more reels. This type of slot game has more paylines and can significantly increase the betways that can grant you higher payouts. Video slots are the most common types of slot games.

Fixed Jackpot – this type of slot game offers fixed jackpots that will generate the same fixed amount regardless of how often are won and how many players participate in the game.

Free Spins – Free spins is the most common type of game feature that you can activate during the base game. Usually, you can trigger it by landing Scatter symbols or forming special combinations on the reels.


Hit – Hit is another slot game term used when you form a winning spin.

Hit Frequency – This is the limit of how the game will spin. Usually, this will stop once you reach the limit of the winning combinations in the game.

High Volatility – a term used to describe slot games with high jackpot payouts.

Hold Percentage – Is the amount of money the casino keeps when you play in Real Mode.


Jackpot – A jackpot is the highest amount of winnings that you can take home. The amount of payout you can receive depends on the volatility of the slot.


Loose Slot – Loose slot machines are games where you can score high jackpot payouts.

Low Volatility – Slots with low volatility give you high chances of hits. However, this type of slot game has a lower jackpot payout compared to medium and high volatility slots.


Max Bet – The highest amount a player you can wager on any spin in a slot game.

Multi-line – A multi-line is when a happens when a player wagers on multiple lines to increase chances at winning. Modern video slots usually have multi-line bet ways.

Multiplier – Video slots usually feature five reels and several multipliers. Multipliers are game features that can drastically increase your payouts when you make a hit. You can trigger this game feature during Scatter spins and Free Spins round.


Near Miss – is a term used when a player almost lands a winning combination on a slot machine but falls short.


Payline – The lines that appear while playing slot games. It usually tells you the amount of payouts you can take home.

Payout – The amount of money you get when you hit a winning line.

Payout Percentage – The amount of money you can expect to get back. The amount depends on how much you wager in a certain slot game.

Pay Table – Displays the payouts you can take home from slot games. The amount is affected by the value of your wagers.

Progressive Jackpot – The progressive jackpot features high and continuous payouts. Mega Moolah is one example of a progressive jackpot game.

Progressive Slot – Are slot games that feature high jackpots that you grow into jackpot payouts.


Random Number Generator – All slot games run on RNG to ensure safe and tamper-free results. The RNG is a microchip integrated by developers that produce different symbol combinations all the time.

Reels – The reels of a slot feature the game’s symbols. The reels show all the positions of the symbol combinations in a slot game.


Scatter – A scatter symbol may occur anywhere on the slot reels. Usually this symbol can activate other game features that can yield high payouts.

Slot Type – Refers to the variant of slot games you can play in online casinos. There are progressive, bonus, and regular slot games.

Symbols – Symbols in slots are the icons that depict the value of the money you can win. Symbols usually come in different characters and designs, depending on the theme of the slot game.

Three-Reel Slot – Slots that have the feature three reels. This slot game is also known as classic slots.


Video Slot – Video slots are the modern version of the classic slots. Video slots typically have unique and fascinating features accompanied by assorted graphics and animation. You choose from over thousands of video slots on an online casino, and all of them have cool and fun themes.


Wager Management – Is a casino strategy used by players to manage the money they allot for gaming.

Wild Symbol – Is a special game symbol that can replace all the symbols in the game when activated. Usually, the wild symbol can also trigger special game features and winning combinations.

Winning Combination – Is a combination of symbols that can generate payouts.

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