Casino Sic Bo Tips Guide


Sic Bo is an ancient dice game that began in China. This casino table game is more known among Asian gamblers. Today, it’s not just Asian gamblers who are able to play this fascinating dice game of pure chance and luck.

Players around the world can now have a try at a simple game of Chinese Sic Bo thanks to casino software providers. You can also play Sic Bo with a live dealer at an online casino.

Know how Sic Bo is played

You have the option to play a game of Sic Bo by yourself or with a live dealer at most online casinos. When you play Sic Bo at an online casino, the goal of the game is for you to correctly guess the outcome of the dice. If your guesses are wrong, you lose. You need to place a wager as you place your chips on the table before the dice are rolled.

Since casino Sic Bo revolves around luck, you need to know how to play the game smart. Here is how you can maximise your gameplay experience:

Know how bets are made in Sic Bo

The most effective way for you to become a better player at Sic Bo is by knowing which bets to make. The best bet you should make in Sic Bo to ensure you get as many winnings as possible is by betting on Big or Small.

When you bet ‘big’, it means you are betting that the total score the three dice will get is from eleven to seventeen. If you bet ‘small’, you are betting that the total score the three dice will get is from one to ten. Big and small bets made in Sic Bo only give the casino a house edge of 2.76%. These two best bets in Sic Bo usually pay 1:1.

Don’t place risky bets all the time

Since you typically need to wager money for each bet in Sic Bo, you have to manage your bankroll. Risky bets such as impulsively betting on triple combinations that have the highest payout of a whopping 150:1 is not a smart move. Bets with high payouts are risky because they occur rarely.

Know the payout odds in Sic Bo

Just because Sic Bo is based on probability, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mind the amount of your possible winnings anymore. Knowing what the payout odds in Sic Bo are will let you decide wisely when you place your bets on the table. To ensure you’ll have more winnings than losses when you play Sic Bo, try to wager small amounts and work your way down by placing bigger amounts little by little if you think you’ll turn up lucky for that round.

Trust in luck and your guts

Most online casino games run on Random Number Generators, dice games like Craps and Sic Bo revolve on chance and probability. There’s really no telling what the outcome of the dice will be in Sic Bo, so you might as well leave the rest to luck. However, if you wish to experience authentic Sic Bo, you can always try to play the game with a live dealer. Live Sic Bo uses an actual table and dice unlike the game’s virtual version on online casinos.

These are all the tips you should consider when you play Sic Bo at an online casino. It is important that you have a basic background on how the game works and how it is played before you gamble using real money.

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