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Winning a game of Roulette and exiting the round with a large payout could be quite slim. This is because there’s just really no telling where the ball is going to land on the Roulette wheel. The game of Roulette is solely based on chance, probability, and of course, sheer luck. But maybe reading some tips about Roulette could help increase your chance at any online casino.

It is important to get comfortable with any game first. This is especially the case for casino games since your money will be at stake. Make sure that you make every wager worth the risk. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before you place wagers in a Roulette game:

Practise before you place bets with real money

If you’re just a beginner, familiarise yourself with the game. You can practise your way around Roulette without risking real money. There are plenty of online casinos where you can play this classic game of Roulette for fun.

Know where to place your bets

Roulette has a layout that tells players where they can only place their bets on. For beginners, it might be a little complicated to know all of them. Get ahold of the basics first. For more chances of winning, try to place your chips on outside bets. This way, you will be able to increase your edge for possible wins. Be familiar with the Roulette payouts as well to get a better hand at increasing the potential amount that you could win.

Here is a chart of Roulette payouts:

Roulette Bets Odds/Pays Probability
Red number 1:1 46.37%
Black number 1:1 46.37%
Even number 1:1 46.37%
Odd number 1:1 46.37%
1 to 18 1:1 46.37%
19 to 36 1:1 46.37%
1 to 12 2:1 31.58%
13 to 24 2:1 31.58%
25 to 36 2:1 31.58%
Any one number 35:1 2.63%
Two-number combination 17:1 5.26%
Three-number combination 11:1 7.89%
Four-number combination 8:1 10.53%
Six-number combination 5:1 15.79%
0, 00, 1, 2, 3 combination 6:1 13.16%

Minimise your losses

Every player should gamble responsibly. Only bet what you are ready to lose. See to it that you stick to your win goal and loss limit. Discipline yourself to protect your profits. It is understandable that winning could make you think that you will win again in the next, but that is not always the case! Try not to get too excited. Always remember that the casino always has the upper hand than you.

Choose your table wisely

Roulette has three variants. Mainly: American, European and French. You should know that the three all different. The simplest way to lessen your chance of losing is to stay away from American Roulettes. With the extra ‘00’ slot, the casino’s advantage is higher than yours.

Roulette Variants  Description
American Roulette
  • Has one ‘0’ and one ‘00’ 
  • Has 38 slots you can bet on
  • Dominant in USA casinos
  • House has the most advantage of 5.26%
European Roulette
  • Most popular variant of Roulette
  • Only has one ‘0’ 
  • Has 37 slots you can bet on
  • House has an advantage of only 2.7%
French Roulette 
  • The table is set in the French language
  • Only has one ‘0’ 
  • Has a special rule, that lets players lose only half of their bet if the ball lands on 0 
  • House has the lowest advantage of only 1.3%

Apply Roulette Betting Strategies

To give you an extra hand, you have to play your game smart. There are actually Roulette betting strategies that you should know. Here’s a list of them and their simplest explanation:

Roulette Strategy System Description
La Partage Strategy
  • Used on European and French Roulettes only
  • You can only use this strategy if you have an even amount of money at stake that can be split into half
  • You and the casino wins 
  • For high/low, even/odd, or red/black wagers only 
En Prison Strategy
  • Used on European and French Roulettes only
  • You can only use this strategy if you have an even amount of money at stake that can be split into half
  • You can get additional spins and keep what you wagered if your bet wins
The James Bond Roulette Strategy 
  • 41د.إ on the zero as an insurance
  • 576د.إ on the 19-36 box
  • 205د.إ on the 13-18 box
The Fibonacci System
  • Low-risk and low-reward system
  • Place bets on even money bets like odd/even
  • Follows a sequence
The Martingale Betting System 
  • Each time you place a bet, and you lose, you repeat the same bet but with 2x the money
  • The riskiest strategy 

The outcome of each round of a Roulette game will depend on how you decide to play it. But as fun and as exciting every Roulette game can get, the only way to prove how well the game went is to get away with more than what you have lost. Or at least, exit a game of Roulette with just enough profits.

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