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Roulette is a casino game that is purely based on sheer luck and probability. Remember that the house always has an advantage whenever you play roulette at any online casino. Some would even say that it is impossible to beat roulette. Maybe using some strategies would help you increase your wins than your losses. So how exactly can you beat the roulette wheel?

La Partage Strategy

This strategy, along with the En Prison strategy, should only be used on a European Roulette or a French Roulette. The La Partage strategy means ‘to divide’ in French. It is used when you make a 50/50 wager on even money bets (such as if the ball will land on an even number), and the ball lands on 0, you and the casino split your bet. An even-money bet is when you place a bet and it is successful, you will get your wager back and winnings of the same value of that stake.

When the La Partage Strategy is in effect, this is what happens:

  • Bets applicable for the strategy are high/low, even/odd, or red/black wagers all of which pay off at even money.
  • When the roulette wheel spin comes up with a zero, the dealer will divide all even money bets in half. Half for the house and the remaining half for the player.
  • For example, you bet 36.73د.إ on black. If the ball lands on a zero, the casino keeps 18.37د.إ and you will also get 18.37د.إ in return. The payout may be small but at least it is better than losing 36.73د.إ and have nothing at all.
  • Remember that the La Partage strategy is only applicable to even money bets. Other bets such as column, section, and individual number bets are all automatic losses if the ball lands on a zero.
  • The bet will remain in effect for the next spin. The players can retrieve it if their bet is successful. However, there will be no extra winnings.

En Prison Strategy

The En Prison strategy, just like the La Partage strategy, can only be used on a European or on a French roulette. ‘En Prison’ means ‘in prison’ in French. The En Prison strategy is only applicable for even money bets.

When the En Prison Strategy is in effect, this is what happens:

  • If the ball lands on a zero, the dealer places a marker by the bet to indicate that it is in ‘En Prison’ (in prison).
  • For example, you bet 36.73د.إ on black and the ball lands on zero. The casino will keep your 36.73د.إ and you will get to spin again. If the ball lands on black, you will get your 36.73د.إ back. You will not win anything but at least you don’t have to lose your 36.73د.إ.

The James Bond Strategy

The James Bond strategy is named after the fictional character of a world-famous Hollywood movie. To use the James Bond Strategy when you play roulette, you should have 734.64د.إ for it to take effect. It is rather expensive and very risky to use the James Bond strategy, so make sure you don’t use this type of strategy more than once!

When the James Bond Strategy is in effect, here is what happens:

  • For example, you bet 514.25د.إ on high numbers (19-36). Then you’ll need 183.66د.إ to bet on six numbers (13-18), and then reserve 36.73د.إ on zero as insurance.
  • If the ball lands on a number from 19-36, you will get 293.86د.إ.
  • If one of the six numbers from 13-18 comes out, you will get 367.32د.إ.
  • If the ball lands on zero, you will get 587.71د.إ.
  • If the ball lands on a number from 1-12, you will lose.

The Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci strategy is for a low-risk and a low-reward system. You place bets only on 50/50 bets like odd/even, and then you base your wagers on the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci numbers are a sequence wherein a number is equal to the total of the two numbers before it:

  • 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and 89 are the numbers for the first part of the sequence. To know what number will come next, just add the last two numbers in the sequence. Like 5 + 8 = 13.
  • For example, you start with 3.67د.إ and you lose four times in a row. So far, you have already lost a sum of 25.71د.إ. Using the same sequence formula, you end up with 3.67 + 3.67 + 7.34 + 11.10 = 25.71د.إ.
  • Then, you count back two steps in the sequence from five and wager 7.34د.إ in the next round.
  • You lower your wager every time you win. This will help protect your profits, minimising your losses as a result.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy requires the player to start the roulette game by wagering the table minimum on a 50/50 outside bet. This means that you need to keep on betting that amount until you lose. If you lose, you need to double your bet for the next spin. You need to keep on doubling your bet until you win. This strategy is the riskiest. It may be strategic to try to recover the money you lost but remember that no strategy is foolproof.

  • For example, you bet 36.73د.إ on red and you lose. You need to bet 73.46د.إ in the next spin. If you win that round, you could recover your 36.73د.إ loss in the previous round.
  • This strategy is very risky, as it could result in a quick losing streak and leave you bankrupt.

Here are other strategies which you should consider before you place your wager on any roulette game at an online casino:

Choose to only play on a European Roulette as possible

The American Roulette has the most house advantage among the other variants of roulette. Your chances of winning are less likely to happen because the American roulette has an additional ‘00’ pocket. This means that even if you play roulette ‘safe’ by placing a wager on outside bets such as red/black or high/low, you still have about a 50% chance of winning.

Always place outside bets for a guaranteed win

To play safe, simply place outside bets to ensure that you will have a payout every time you play roulette at an online casino. Outside bets can significantly increase your odds of winning for every wager that you will make. Outside bets are the blocks with various bets on the table outside of the chart of numbers where you place bets on the single numbers. Red/black, and even/odd are outside bets.

Make sure that you make the table minimum for each individual bet. Only then can you make multiple bets to increase your odds of a payout. Take note that the payout for winning outside bets is only 2:1 or 1:1.

For example, if you wager 4.42د.إ on even and 4.42د.إ on black, you will win an 8.84د.إ payout. If you wager 4.42د.إ on even and 4.42د.إ on black, you’ll win a 8.84د.إ payout if the ball lands on black ten, and you’ll break even if it lands on red sixteen. Along with even/odd and red/black, which offer payouts of 1:1, outside bets also include:

  • High/low: Betting that the ball will land on one through eighteen or nineteen through 36. The payout is 1:1.
  • Dozens: Betting that the ball will land on one through twelve, thirteen through 24, or 25 through 36. The payout is 2:1.
  • Columns: Betting the ball will land on a number within one of the table’s three columns, the payout is 2:1.

Place inside bets in moderation to increase your payout

Inside bets have the highest payout. However, straight bets on a single number can be risky. So make sure that you only wager what you are ready to lose. The chances of the ball to land on the exact number you wagered on is one in 37 for European roulette wheels. The odds are one in 38 for American wheels.

Apart from making a straight bet on a single number, you can also divide the odds between multiple numbers. The more numbers you split to bet on, the more the payout amount decreases. A straight bet (one number) is a 35:1 payout, while a six-line bet offers a 5:1 payout. Inside bets, especially when you only bet on a single number, are very risky. If you win, the payout is also the most rewarding.

However, even with all these strategies used by gamblers worldwide, you can never be too sure. Keep in mind that no strategy is perfect nor foolproof. Do not rely too much on these strategies. Only consider them instead if there are no other options. Or when you just want to test your luck.

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