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Keno is an easy online casino game to play, since you only have to hope for the Keno game’s RNG software to draw the same numbers you have selected on the playing field. The more times your numbers are drawn, the more payouts you can win! Keno may be a plain casino lottery game based on probability and chance. However, that fact shouldn’t bore you.

What makes a casino lottery game like Keno fun to play is the high payout odds that it provides. Try to take advantage of the bonuses that your prefered online casino offers. You can also practice playing Keno for free at most online casinos.

Here are some of the best tips for Keno online casino to help you gain a better understanding of the game:

Know the Keno terms used

Keno isn’t actually all that plain like how most view it to be. There are some terms you should be familiar with before you proceed to play Keno for real money at any online casino. You are sure to encounter some, if not all, of these Keno terms across online casinos. Once you get ahold of these terms, you should be able to play Keno like an experienced player, even if you are just new to the casino lottery game.

Aggregate Limit: The amount of maximum wagers that the casino limits.

Balls: Keno is a lot like the classic Bingo game. These ‘balls’ are the random numbers ranging from one to 80 which the game will draw.

Bankroll: The amount that you will bet on in Keno online casino or any other casino game.

Bet: The amount you deduct from the total bet value. Your wager for the Keno round.

Combination Ticket: This card gives players a variety of bets. Although combination tickets are no longer used in online Keno.

Conditioning: means the terms and conditions that you must follow whether you are playing Keno online or at a traditional land based casino.

Draw: The random numbers generated during the Keno round on online casinos. The draw is the process of drawing balls to identify the winner in traditional Keno.

Free Play: Online Keno typically requires a certain amount of money to wager. In free to play Keno games, you can try the game to both learn and apply the rules. Doing so will prepare you before you start to play with real money at an online casino.

Hit: When the number/s that you wagered appears on one of the sides of the resulting balls when drawing.

House Edge: The probability of winning. This is the statistical representation which tells your chances of winning over the casino. The house edge also tells the players the percentage estimate of the advantage the casino has over the players. Commonly, the house edge of online casinos in Keno ranges between 20% to 30%.

Payoff: Payments you can win from playing online keno. These are usually worth winning.

Progressive Jackpot: Some versions of the online keno game offer a grand prize. Progressive jackpot is typically a prize that increases over time. This version of Keno adds up to the thrill of the overall gameplay because of its high payout reward.

Random Number Generator: An electronic software used to select random numbers which are drawn in Keno online. Every game powered by an RNG is unpredictable. This is because it is programmed to produce different outcomes.

Split Ticket: Another type of card that forces you to play a certain set of numbers in separate areas in Keno.

Ticket: A tool used in traditional Keno that allows players to choose the numbers that the casino will examine during the keno tour. Tickets are typically only used at land-based casinos.

Wager: Another term used to make a bet.

Way Ticket: Lets the player to bet on more than one bet at the same time.

The importance of learning all these terms is the same as the need to understand how the game is played. Being equipped with basic knowledge on Keno will allow you to play the game with ease at any online casino, especially if you are just a beginner at Keno.

Check the Pay Table

The outcomes of Keno online are unpredictable but that doesn’t mean your payout has to be too. Check out the Keno game’s pay table first to ensure that you get an idea of how much you can win. The payouts vary from casino to casino, so they are not always the same. In online Keno, you don’t get paid for hitting more numbers. Instead, you get to earn more by the percentage of the numbers. If the numbers you matched with those drawn are high, then so will your payout.

For example, matching six out of six selected numbers might give you a payout of 1,800 times your bet. However, matching only six out of fourteen numbers selected might only give you two times the amount of what you initially wagered.

Keno Money Management

You should always keep in mind that online Keno gives the casino a typical house advantage of an estimated 25% up to 40%. And that is ridiculously big! There may be chances of you losing more money than actually earning them. Such is bound to happen, especially if you are not very careful with how you manage your casino bankroll. For every wager you make, try to throw in only minimum bets as much as possible. The maximum bet amount for Keno games should be 36.73د.إ at most online casinos.

For example, if you plan to only wager an amount of 18.37د.إ for four tries at online Keno, and none of your five numbers get selected, you could lose 91.83د.إ all in all. Every time you measure both risk and reward before you place any bets on any online casino game, you protect your profits like any experienced online gambler would.

Practice Keno online

The best tip to help you fully understand online Keno is by playing it at an online casino. However, it is recommended that you play it for free first. Majority of online casinos will even let you play it for real money and even for live. There are many variants of online Keno, and the rules differ respectively. Online Keno is fast-paced but don’t let that pressure you. You can take your time with it, and have fun while you’re at it!

Another tip to make your Keno gameplay experience better is by taking advantage of the online casino’s bonuses offers. There are plenty of online casinos that provide players with awesome bonuses that will give you an edge. A Welcome Bonus will most likely give you a fantastic start when you play online Keno for real money.

These basic tips should be able to help you get to know Keno more. Keno is a fun lottery game of chance and probability, so take all the luck with you—and this guide too.

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