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When you want to try a totally different Poker experience, perhaps you might like Video Poker. Learning how to play Video Poker at an online casino is actually quite simple. In the traditional Poker game, you are dealt with several cards from a 52-card deck. You win in Texas Hold’em Poker depending on the hand rank of your cards. The game progresses in several rounds of betting. The player with the best hand wins the pot.

On the other hand, Video Poker derived from the traditional Poker game that is based on a five-card pull game. A five-card game refers to the five cards that each player will receive in their hand. Players have the option of replacing those cards to improve the hand.

When the ‘draw’ is made and unwanted cards are discarded from the player’s hand, those unwanted cards will be replaced with new ones. Wagers are placed before and after the draw as players try to get the upper hand to win the pot.

The only difference of Video Poker from a five-card Poker game variant is that you typically don’t get to play the game with other players. You usually don’t get to lose more than your initial bet amount. There are other variants of Video Poker but the most popular one is Jacks or Better Video Poker.

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How to play Video Poker at an online casino

  • Choose a Video Poker game you want to play from the online casino’s category section.
  • The game is usually categorised depending on its minimum or maximum stake amount.
  • Start the game to get yourself a hand of cards consisting of five.
  • Your goal is to try to make the best poker hand possible from the cards you will be dealt with.
  • Place your bet.
  • Select the cards you want to keep by either hitting the ‘Hold/Cancel’ button or by clicking on the card itself. You are typically only given one chance to replace the cards you do not want to keep in your hand.
  • Click the ‘Deal’ option if you are satisfied with your hand. Once you press deal, the game will show the winning hand of cards.
  • You get to win a prize depending on the results of your hand according to the paytable.
  • When the game asks you if you wish to ‘Double Up’ to increase your wins. You can always choose to not make use of this feature.

Video Poker is sometimes compared with slots. In Video Poker, you don’t just click for spins or just depend entirely on luck. Your skill in playing the cards will affect the outcome of your game.

Another awesome feature of Video Poker games is that you get to have an idea of what the payout odds are by looking at the paytable. You can either enjoy a game of Video Poker for free or for real money at most online casinos.

You are most likely to encounter different variants of Video Poker at some online casinos. To ensure you experience a smooth play, it is recommended that you go over the payout table to determine which Video Poker game variant will give you better winnings.

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