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Blackjack is considered as a skill game but it can’t be denied that it also relies on a little bit of help from luck. In a game of Blackjack, and just like in any casino game, you must make every decision count. The casino may always have more advantage than the player but that doesn’t mean you can no longer have the upper hand.

The best way to win in Blackjack is knowing when is the right time for you to hit and stand. This is because Blackjack is a two-fold strategy casino table card game. The simplest solution to mastering when to hit and stand is for you to know how the counting system works in Blackjack.

What is the Blackjack Card Theory?

The theory on Blackjack counting is all about mathematical possibilities. The paper counting system in Blackjack aims to tell the high and low percentage of cards that are left in the pile. For example, if a big percentage of cards currently being dealt during a round are low cards, then there’s a high possibility that there are still high cards like Aces and Queens left in the pile waiting to be distributed.

The different red and black suits in a 52-card deck of Blackjack are:

  • Spades ♠
  • Hearts ♥
  • Clubs ♣
  • Diamonds ♦
  • Aces
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks

Low cards favour the dealer because they often let the dealer hit 21 . Examples of low cards in Blackjack are:

  • Twelve
  • Thirteen
  • Fourteen
  • Fifteen
  • Sixteen

While high cards favour the players, this is because high cards open chances for players to bust the dealer’s hand. Tens and Aces result in Blackjack, and the payout for a hand of natural Blackjack pays 3:2. High cards are:

  • Aces
  • Tens
  • Face cards (Queen, King, and Jack)

Here is how you count and keep track of your cards for more chances of winning:

  • Count the numbers of each of the individual card values to know if you an advantage over the house or not.
  • You only need to know if the deck is either full of cards favourable to you or not.
  • Always remember that Aces are worth one or eleven.
  • Face cards like Queen, King, and Jack are ten.
  • The value of different card suits will depend on their number

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Some of the most popular card counting theories used in Blackjack are:

Red Seven Count

The Seven Counting system in Blackjack works by running a count that can tell you if the deck is in your favour.


The Hi-Lo Counting method in Blackjack works by using a plus/minus system. This counting method is used when you want to keep track of the high cards left in the deck.

Zen Count

The Zen Count system in Blackjack works when you want to have an equal number of positive and negative points in a deck of cards.

There may be different counting systems in Blackjack, and they have their own set of rules you need to follow to apply them. However, you don’t necessarily have to apply them when you play Blackjack online. The counting system strategies were designed for Blackjack players who wish to add thrill to their overall gameplay experience. You don’t need to use any counting strategy every time you play Blackjack in order to win. If you have a basic knowledge on how to count your hand of cards in Blackjack, then you are already good to go.

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