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Baccarat is indeed a fun casino game to play. What makes it even more enjoyable is when you play it for real money with a live dealer at an online casino. Top-rated online casinos are devoted to continuously improving Baccarat games to deliver a world-class and authentic casino experience to players around the world.

Here’s all you need to know about Baccarat live dealer:

How to play Baccarat with a live dealer

When you play Baccarat live, you will be accommodated by professional dealers who specialise in interacting with online players in real-time through live stream. Most Baccarat live games have a multi-camera feature that enables players to have a complete view of the Baccarat table at different angles. Expect smooth close-ups of cards, cutaways and wide-angle shots as live Baccarat can be a whole different gambling experience.

The rules of casino Baccarat stay the same when you play live. Before you wager real money, always keep in mind that the goal of every Baccarat game is for the value of your cards to have a total as close to nine as possible.

The minimum bet amount for Baccarat when you play it live for real money is usually at 3.67د.إ to 18.67د.إ depending on the online casino and the Baccarat table you will play at. If you are feeling up for it, you can also try to play Baccarat live at a high-roller table for bigger winnings. However, the minimum stake amount may be significantly expensive as well.

To play Baccarat with a live dealer at an online casino, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit your trusted online casino.
  • Under the games category, choose live Baccarat table suited to your preference and launch it.
  • To participate, you should have sufficient funds to cover your bets. You can view your current balance on your screen.
  • Place your bets.
  • You will be notified when you attempt to place a bet that exceeds the wager limit for that type of bet. If you place a bet that is less than the minimum limit, your bet will not be accepted when the short time allotted for betting runs out. If you place several bets and only some of them are less than the minimum limit, only the bets that do not meet minimum requirements will not be accepted.
  • There will be ‘traffic lights’ in some Baccarat live games that will tell you the current status in the game round. These reminders will let you know when you can start to place your bets.

General rules to remember when you play Baccarat live casino

Baccarat has many different bet types and payouts which makes it the right choice for live players. You can bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. You can even place bets on both if you want to ensure you get a payout. However, the payout for that winnings is typically not that much.

You are usually dealt with 52-card decks for most variants of Baccarat games. The game starts with the dealer giving out two cards each. You must place your bets before the dealer reveals the face-down cards.

Cards from two to nine are always equal to their value. Tens and face cards like King, Queen, and Jack are worth zero points. Ace cards are worth one point. The dealer will accommodate with the cards you will be dealt with so you won’t have to stress too much about not being able to keep track of your cards.

That is all there is to the game of Baccarat with a live dealer. To give you a better and a newer casino Baccarat experience, try to play it live with a dealer now at your trusted online casino. It is recommended that you already have the knowledge about the casino game before you play it for real money. Place your bets, sit back, relax, and enjoy your winnings. Good luck!

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