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Some gamblers want prestige and priority as they play. Some players take their playtime to a whole new level. For every wager, a player would hope that luck is on his side. It is a risk every time. High-rollers would ask for three wishes:

One, for casinos not to ignore their efforts. Two, big-time gamblers are likely to ask for prestige and big rewards exclusive only to them. After all, these players tend to spend a lot of money at the casino. And three, they deserve recognition and importance.

If a casino were a genie, those three wishes can easily be granted with just a snap of a finger. This is what VIP clubs and VIP bonuses are for.

How do players become a VIP member at an online casino?

The main purpose of a VIP bonus is to provide elite high-roller players with high-quality services, as well as the greatest offers they could receive. All players deserve only the best, even more so when they become a VIP player at an online casino.

There are two ways on how to become a VIP member:

Your gaming frequency at the casino

A VIP status at an online casino can be gained by gathering enough comp points. Comp points (short term for complimentary points) are gained through a player’s wagers on casino games. These points can sometimes be converted into real cash. You have to accumulate a certain number of comp points on your player account to reach a certain level to qualify for VIP status at an online casino.

How much money you wager at the casino

High-rollers acquire the VIP status when they deposit and play for a huge amount of money at an online casino.

The VIP status is usually an invitation by the online casino only. After you have gone through a careful assessment, chances are, you will be contacted by a VIP staff. The staff will let you know that you are entitled to it. Only then can you become an exclusive member. Once you do, prepare to have a life-changing experience!

What are the advantages when you become a VIP player?

One of the special offers that VIP bonuses have is enabling VIP players to play more casino games. The best feature is that the VIP player doesn’t need to wager more money. Another rewarding feature that VIP bonuses give to players is that it lets them know that the online casino appreciates their efforts. The rewards vary per casino. But every perk is special in its own way.

VIP players typically expect to:

  • Have high withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Have their own personal VIP assistant and VIP manager
  • Gain access to exclusive promotions and events sponsored by the online casino
  • Have higher comp points
  • Have access to exclusive promotions and perks
  • Be given higher reload bonuses
  • Have access to play at high stake tables
  • Have a weekly appreciation reward
  • Experience faster payouts

Online casinos tend to be strict with the players they grant the VIP bonuses to. The player would need to have the VIP status first before they can be granted with the exclusive bonuses. Most casinos have VIP clubs, and it can be a life-changing experience. It is typical for online casinos to have different tiers for their VIP members. They all have their own rewards and advantages suited to them.

Similar to land casinos, there are usually tiers to the VIP membership that you have. These levels also have different casino VIP bonuses exclusive for you. The tiers can be bronze, platinum, silver, or gold membership. The names of these tiers will depend on the casino.

In general, the main benefits of being a VIP member lets you enjoy faster payouts and special treatments.

If you are looking for a premier casino experience like no ever, then becoming a VIP member might just be what you’re looking for. But it doesn’t have to be just a dream. The exclusive rewards given to VIP players can be surprising. So you better watch out for the promotions that an online casino is going to offer you.

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