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The best things in life are free. The second best are expensive. That is exactly how the life of a VIP player is like: big-time, and a huge amount of money is usually involved. Life is full of games so you better know how to play. Some depend on pure luck, while some depend on their strategies.

High-rollers, on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, are known to play their casino games expensively. An online casino is the perfect place for it. Most casinos put a lot of effort just to provide their elite players with offers beyond average.

How do you become a high-roller or a VIP at an online casino?

Some online casinos assess their players to check for the following things:

  • The player’s gaming frequency
  • The amount of money staked at the casino
  • How long the player’s been a member at the casino

What kinds of casino free bonuses do high-rollers get?

Casinos provide bonuses that vary. These rewards all have their own terms and conditions suited to each player’s needs. For high-rollers, they usually enjoy the following bonuses:

Casino Bonuses

  • VIP Welcome Bonus – This is often a limited offer given to players whose accounts recently just got upgraded to VIP. Cash bonuses, a big deposit match-up, and free slots spins are usually offered along with VIP welcome bonuses.
  • Fast payouts – High-rollers have the most chances to win big amounts. This is because they wager a lot. Withdrawals are also made faster. No need to wait for days to process cash withdrawals.
  • Increased deposit limits – High-rollers can deposit the maximum amount that an online casino allows. This is convenient. VIP players don’t have to keep on depositing money to reload their account balance because of the amount limits.
  • Weekly appreciation reward – Online casinos usually provide their VIP players with weekly bonuses. This type of bonus draws players to keep coming back to the online casino.
  • VIP high stake tables – High-rollers typically play for huge money. Only they can play in premium high stake table games.
  • Higher comp point conversion rate – VIP players get more points for each wager. This can upgrade their VIP tier. This is usually how VIP tier and bonus rewards level up too.
  • Additional premium offers – Bonuses like match cash prizes and price boosts can be granted to VIP players.
  • Higher reload bonuses – Extra payments are usually offered when high-rollers reload their account balance. Reload bonuses are equal to the money that VIP players deposit.

Special Treatments

VIP/ High-roller bonuses can be very surprising. But it all depends on the casino how they want to make their customers happy.

  • VIP Manager – High-rollers would sometimes demand for extra assistance and care. A dedicated VIP staff will attend to these elite players’ needs. What’s better than a personalised service exclusive only for you?
  • Exclusive support staff – Specially trained staff are there to accommodate VIP members to ensure quality play.
  • Exclusive Events – Some casinos take their VIP players to different heights. And occasionally, to far places around the world.
  • Luxury items – Designer bags, watches, jewellery, and even gadgets can be gifted to VIP players.

These VIP free bonuses do not apply to all casinos. This is because casinos have terms and conditions before players are able to enjoy all these benefits. There are many online casinos that offer VIP promotions for their players, and living the VIP life sure is the best.

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