How Do Casino Free Play Bonuses Work?

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Free play bonuses can benefit players who prefer to try the casino games first. If you’re the type of gambler who wants to make sure your wager will be well-spent, then this bonus is for you! There are over thousands of casino games, and there are some you can try for free. This is one way for you to discover which ones you will like.

Who can claim free play bonuses?

There two common ways how to claim free play bonuses are:

New Players

The easiest way to claim a free play bonus is to register for a real player account at an online casino. Most casinos usually offer welcome bonuses to their new members. There are even casinos that don’t require their new players to deposit.

Regular players

Regular players who play frequently at an online casino are also granted free play
bonuses. Casinos usually have requirements for their free play bonuses, so check the
terms and conditions.

There are different types of casino bonuses players can claim and use to their advantage. The most common free bonus that casinos offer is free spins.

What are free spins bonuses?

Free bonus spins are for players who like slots games. The reward is usually a number of additional slots spins for players to get another go without placing a wager. Bonus free spins grant them more chances to win.

What are other games aside from slots can I try for free?

Table games can be quite fun to play, especially when the stake is high and luck is on your side. There are plenty of table games you can try for free:


Blackjack is one of the easiest card games to play. The players’ goal is for their cards to get 21. Nothing more and nothing less.


Poker has varieties, and each of them has different rules. But one of the most popular poker games is Texas Hold’em. There are specific card combinations which players need to have to win the stake. Poker games are usually the favourite of high-roller casino players.


Baccarat is a simple game to play. Players can mainly bet on the player or the banker. The goal of baccarat is for the players to have their cards as close to nine as possible, without going over.


A classic roulette game includes an actual roulette. The most rewarding way to win a game of roulette is when the ball lands on the single number you placed a wager on.


Craps is a highly social card game that uses dice. Players share the same stakes, rewards, and losses as a group.

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