Blackjack Side Bets Explained

7 April، 2023

It’s important to understand blackjack side bets and payouts if you want to benefit from additional bets in the classic game of blackjack. By reading this guide, you will discover all the side bets in blackjack at most casinos. We will explore perfect pairs, 21 + 3, lucky ladies, mixed pair, super sevens, and blackjack insurance, among other popular side bets. Read to learn how to place a side bet in blackjack and visit casinos with the best online blackjack variants.

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What Are Blackjack Side Bets? – Odds and Payouts

Your objective when playing a standard game of blackjack is to beat the dealer with a higher hand total that’s not greater than 21. But that’s not the only thing you can do when playing your favorite blackjack games online. Blackjack players can place additional bets known as “side bets” for a more exciting gaming experience. A blackjack side bet is simply an extra wager that has nothing to do with your hand total. Luck plays a crucial role in winning because you don’t need skills to win a blackjack side bet.

There are many types of side bets at online casinos offering blackjack. You can place the most common side bets on RNG blackjack and a great selection of online live casino games if you find a reliable casino. One of the things you will notice as you place these bets is that the payouts are generally higher than what regular wagers in blackjack offer. But the main drawback is that the house edge tends to be high for the majority of side bets. Nevertheless, nothing should stop you from placing side bets if you think you have whatever it takes to win. We have the most placed blackjack side bets explained below if you wish to try your luck.

21+3 Side Bets

These wagers are based on your initial two cards and the first card dealt to the dealer. One distinguishing characteristic of the 21 + 3 bet is that the overall house edge is higher in a single-deck game and lower in a multi-deck game. It allows you to place the following wagers:

  • Flush: A bet on the three cards to be of the same suit.
  • Straight: Betting on the three cards to have consecutive values, even if they are of different suits.
  • Three of a Kind: Wagering on the three cards to have the same value regardless of the suit.
  • Straight Flush: A blackjack straight flush is a bet on three cards of consecutive values and the same suit.
  • Suited Three of a Kind: Betting on three cards of the same suit and face value.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

The perfect pairs bet considers the player’s first two cards and is a popular option at most blackjack tables. We recommend checking the table rules because casinos can set their own payouts. Unlike the 21 + 3, the house edge is higher in a multi-deck game and lower in a single-deck game. You can place any of the following wagers if you choose the perfect pairs side bet:

  • Mixed Pair: Placing a mixed pair side bet means betting on two cards of the same face value but with a different suit and color.
  • Colored Pair: Betting on two cards of the same face value and the same color but from different suits.
  • Perfect Pair Bet: A side bet on two cards of the same face value, suit, and color.

Blackjack Insurance Bets

You can place a blackjack insurance bet before the croupier checks their hole card. This option is usually offered once the two first cards are dealt and the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. The goal is to insure your bet in case the dealer’s hole card helps to form blackjack (21). Half of your current bet is needed, and the payout is 2:1.

Other Popular Side Bets

The types of side wagers you can place will depend on the chosen blackjack game and casino. So, you should first find out if your preferred side bet options are available. You can place the blackjack side bets explained below in addition to the ones discussed above.

  • Lucky Ladies: A bet on your first two cards to add up to 20, and there are 5 possible winning outcomes when you place the Lucky Ladies side bet: any unsuited 20, suited 20, matched 20, Lucky Ladies (Queen of Hearts Pair), and Lucky Ladies with dealer’s blackjack.
  • Royal Match: Betting on the player’s first two cards to be a suited King and Queen.
  • Over/Under 13: A side bet on the total of your two initial cards to be over or under 13.
  • Super Sevens: Wagering on your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card to have one 7, two unsuited 7s, two suited 7s, three unsuited 7s, or three suited 7s.
  • Easy Match: A wager on any suited player’s cards.

Advantages of Using Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack is without a doubt a fascinating game to play, just like the top online casino games with numerous betting options. You can enhance your gaming experience by placing a blackjack side bet, provided that you know what you are doing. The following factors will make you want to place one if you haven’t. Have a look to see how you may benefit from additional wagers. 


The vast majority of side bets pay more than even money, as opposed to standard wagers. Even though the house edge is mostly higher than what ordinary bets offer, your wager can be multiplied 5, 10, 100, or even 1,000 times! That’s worth it if you are willing to take risks for bigger payouts in blackjack.


Most side bets in a game of blackjack are easy to understand, even for first-time gamblers. You are simply playing with the different numbers and card suits for a chance to win. Since these bets are primarily based on chance, you don’t need special skills to place them at casinos.


One of the reasons why placing a side bet is interesting is that you can place it as an additional wager. That is, you can place a standard bet and then place a side wager to increase your chances of winning big prizes. What’s more, you can pick from a wide variety of side bets offered in different types of blackjack games.


Placing a side bet is a great way to add more enjoyment to blackjack and other table games. If you often place standard bets at casinos, you might get bored over time. In that case, you can boost your gambling experience by placing additional wagers on a blackjack game.

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth Using?

Whether blackjack side bets are worth using or not is a matter of personal preference. Side bets are a fantastic choice if you are targeting the biggest payouts. However, you must keep in mind that the house edge is high, so your chances of winning are low. You will also enjoy placing side wagers if you are doing it casually. Whatever your reason is, you should choose bets that offer huge payouts for small bets. Lastly, the safest way to gamble if you want to use basic strategy and card counting effectively is to place standard bets most of the time.

How to Use Side Bets to Win at Blackjack

Placing side bets in a game of blackjack can be beneficial if you do the right thing. We are glad to provide you with the steps you can take to start using the side bet option to your advantage. Things will be much easier if you are already familiar with blackjack, but you can still start and learn as a new player. Follow the steps listed below to win with side bets at blackjack casinos.

Learn the Basic Rules and Odds

Every blackjack table you will find online follows the same basic rules used in classic blackjack. So, you must first know how the game of blackjack is played by studying the rules and gameplay. You also need to have a clear understanding of the different variations of online blackjack. Moreover, it helps to know the odds of winning and the possible payouts.

Adapt Side Bets into Your Strategy

Blackjack side bets usually don’t work with the basic strategy, so you should find a strategy that works best for you. If you have already decided which strategy to use, be sure to incorporate side bets into your plans. You may need to practice with free blackjack games to see if the chosen strategy works. If it does, you can try it on real-money blackjack with side bet features.

Know When to Use and When Not to Use Side Bets

Each day spent at a blackjack table is usually not the same as the previous or next day. This is to say that what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. You may need to reinvent your strategy and use side bets only when you are in the right mood. Sometimes you just want to play a standard blackjack game because your chances of winning are generally higher. 

Set Budget Limits for Side Bets

Budgeting is an important factor regardless of whether you are placing a blackjack side bet or a regular bet. The first thing you want to do before you gamble online is create a budget for your gambling activity. Then you can dedicate a percentage of your gaming funds to side bets based on your needs. And you must follow your budget to avoid spending too much money on extremely risky bets.

High Odds Blackjack Side Bets vs Low Odds Blackjack Side Bets

Players looking to place side bets in blackjack ought to keep their odds, or chances of winning, in mind. This simply means your probability of winning when you place a particular bet. The more possible combinations, the higher your odds of winning. And some side bets have high odds while others have low odds. You can establish which is the best option by comparing the two.

High Odds Blackjack Side Bet

  • High odds mean high risks
  • The reward is big if the risk is high
  • Great for high rollers who can take risks
  • Mostly placed for short-term gains
  • Luck is a major factor

Low Odds Blackjack Side Bets

  • Low odds carry low risks
  • Low payouts if the risk is low
  • Suitable for players who don’t want to take risks
  • Great option for long-term gains
  • Winning mainly depends on luck

Blackjack Variants that Side Bets Can Be Used

The ever-growing online gambling industry is packed with many options for anyone looking for the best online blackjack games with side wagers similar to the original version. Most blackjack tables at online casinos will let you place a side bet, and the available options vary from one variant to another. We recommend the following blackjack variants from the top game providers if you would like to place profitable side bets:

  • Classic Blackjack by NetEnt
  • Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming
  • One Blackjack by Pragmatic Play
  • 21+3 Live Casino Blackjack by Playtech
  • Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming
  • Live Unlimited Blackjack by Playtech
  • Power Blackjack by Evolution Gaming
  • Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi

Pros and Cons of Using Side Bets in Blackjack

If you are used to placing standard bets in blackjack, you may ask yourself if using side bets is a good thing. Well, it all depends on the kind of experience you are looking for as an individual. You can benefit from side bets if you know how to adapt them to your gameplay. But these bets also have some noteworthy drawbacks that every player should know. We have listed the pros and cons of side bets in blackjack below to help you decide if they are good for you.


  • Blackjack side bets pay more than standard bets
  • You don’t need skills to place a side bet
  • Side bets are exciting to place
  • There are several side bet options
  • Site bets are suitable for high rollers


  • Basic strategy won’t help
  • Greater risks due to high house edge
  • Winning is generally based on luck


Players can take advantage of the most common blackjack side bets explained in this guide and benefit in many ways. These wagers generally offer huge payouts despite having a significantly high house edge. They are, therefore, suitable if you are willing to take risks for a chance to win big. All you have to do is find a blackjack table offering side wagers to start playing.

Do you want to play blackjack games with high-paying side bets? If yes, just pick a gambling site from our list of the best online casinos with bonuses on this page. Sign up, deposit, collect your welcome bonus, and look for blackjack tables with your favorite side bets. Have fun!


We have explained how blackjack side bets work, and we believe that this guide has been beneficial. If you haven’t, go through it to learn how to place side wagers at online casinos. We have summarized the most important points in our FAQs below.

What Are Side Bets in Blackjack?

Side bets in blackjack are extra bets that don’t count toward the standard play. With these bets, you don’t need to get a higher hand total than the dealer to win.

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth Placing?

Placing a side bet is one of the best ways to gamble if you enjoy taking risks. Side wagers come with a high house edge, so the probability of winning is low in most cases. But they are worth placing if you want bigger payouts. Just choose those with a low house edge and high payouts.

Can I Place a Side Bet in Blackjack on Mobile?

Yes, you can! Modern online versions of blackjack are designed to run on desktop and mobile devices. So, you can place all kinds of bets on your smartphone or tablet.

Do Live Dealer Blackjack Games Offer Side Bets?

Yes, the best software providers and casinos offer side bets on live casino games. So, you can place side wagers on many online blackjack variants.